Frequently Asked Questions

Legal & Safety Questions

Is Acudrone insured?

All Acudrone contracted inspection and surveying projects are fully insured.

What certifications do Acudrone’s pilots hold?

All of our pilots are licensed and certified to be commercial drone operators.

Drone Operating Questions

How does the flight programming process work?

We setup the flight plan by placing GPS waypoints either on a map or by manually entering the coordinates. Each waypoint is determined by its position, radius, altitude relative to the take-off location and circling direction. The Mission Planning tool is then used to easily map a whole area by drawing the corresponding rectangle directly on the map.

Aerial Imagery & Mapping Questions
What is the area that can be typically imaged during one flight?
The answer primarily depends on the flight altitude (and thus the ground resolution). At 140 m or 460 ft (ground resolution of 5 cm/pixel ), one picture covers 0.03 square km (3 ha, 7 acres) and one flight covers up to 1.5 square km (150 ha, 370 acres).

When we say "up to", we mean the maximum area you may end-up with after orthomosaic reconstruction using maximum flight duration, optimised flight planning parameters (such as image overlap) and taking into account the part of the generated orthomosaic that is outside the designated area for the e-mo-tion automatic flight planner.

What accuracy should be expected?
The accuracy of the orthomosaics and the digital elevation models (DEM) produced by Postflight Terra 3D-EB strongly depends on the flight height, lighting conditions, availability of textures, image quality, overlap, and type of terrain. In standard conditions (flying at 100-150 meters above natural terrains with 50 to 70% image overlap), a relative accuracy of 10 cm and an absolute accuracy of 3-5 meters (in case no ground control points (CGP) are used) can be expected at the location of the found matching points (see for instance this topographic map produced based on resulting Postflight data).

Between these points the accuracy may vary. A quality report can be displayed, it shows precision to be expected and zones of possible issues. Note that we cannot guaranty in any way the quality and accuracy of the output files. For more details on accuracy, please have a look at this scientific papers.

Is there an option to provide ground control points (GCP) to improve quality?
Yes, coordinates of GCPs can be introduced. This feature reduces the absolute error to the level of a few centimeters.

How much time does it take to get the resulting files?
We can have files returned to you within a two week turn around time.

Civil Engineering Service Questions
What professional engineering services does Acudrone provide?
Acudrone has partnered up with local professional engineering firms that can review and produce professional engineered stamped drawings upon our customers' requests.

What documents or files can I expect?
Acudrone tailors to our customers needs and can provide files in the format that is requested. Typical file formats are ....