Industrial Inspections

Using the most advanced inspection drone in the market, Acudrone is capable of performing inspections like never before. We can now reach places where typical inspection methods would require cost ineffective solutions such as engineered scaffolding, floating systems, and manned air vehicles. Acudrone is capable of reducing the cost of inspection by 90% compared to traditional methods. Our Aerial Vehicles (OAVs) or UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles) can inspect your asset live, capture high resolution stills, HD video and infrared images. This improves the data collected and used by engineers to make decisions all while improving the safety of your projects.

Benefits of using Acudrone Inspection System
  • Minimized downtime equating to reduced costs
  • Better data can be used to plan and de-risk planned shutdowns.
  • No need to shutdown, our drones can work on live lines.
  • Increased safety by reducing employee's exposure to heights as well as hazardous conditions.
  • Higher quality data, our drones can fly as close as you need to get to your assets and focus on the areas of most concern as needed.