Safety Process

Professionals in project management, construction, inspection, architecture, and accounting found Acudrone with safety as the main pillar on which the company is founded upon. Acudrone pledges to place safety as the number one priority, act upon any unsafe situations, make others aware of safety, and to keep constantly learning about safety. As part of every meeting, site visit, or event the first step is to hold a safety moment. During this safety moment possible risks are discussed and safety is encouraged amongst everyone involved. Anyone involved with projects at Acudrone has the power to stop a project where safety is at concern. A job specific safety plan is to be drafted for every project Acudrone is involved in. Acudrone is committed to provide the highest level of professionalism to its clients, this it to be achieved by continual education to be proficient and any emerging technologies and practices. Our team consists of licensed accountant, architect, and soon civil engineer. Acudrone encourages education through tuition reimbursement as well as by providing formal training to its employees.